Devils Tower Natural History Association (DTNHA) is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to supporting the historical, educational and interpretive activities of the National Park Service. DTNHA’s mission is to promote understanding and conservation of the natural, cultural and historical resources of the monument through education, public information, and service.

Federal regulations permit DTNHA to use government facilities for an office and to operate a sales area in the visitor center. Even though DTNHA is chartered by Congress, the Association is not a federal agency. A Board of Directors made up of seven individuals from the membership governs DTNHA.

Membership is open to anyone. An annual newsletter is sent out to all members, providing an update on association and park operations for the year. Members are also invited to take part in the DTNHA-sponsored events.

Benefits of membership include premium gifts and 15% discount on items sold by the association. Many other Cooperating Associations offer discounts to our members as well.

Membership Category Cost
Hopkins - Individual Membership $25.00
Joyner - Family Membership $40.00
Durrance - Supporter Membership $100.00
Roosevelt - Corporate Membership $150.00
Mateo Tipila - Lifetime Membership $500.00
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